Medical services

The CMC healthcare team is made up of 7 general practitioners and 5 specialists, all tropicalists. Our doctors are highly qualified and recognized in their field of activity. They benefit from continuous training in the DRC and abroad.

CMC staff follow very precise treatment protocols, established by the medical director in collaboration with management. These protocols are in line with what is done at the international
level and are scrupulously observed by our healthcare team.

Internal Medicine: Cardiology.




General and visceral surgery


Occupational Medicine (Occupational Health)

Obstetric Gynecology


Aeronautical Medicine

To make an appointment, call +243 997 030 789 or +243 840 890 997

In the heart of Lubumbashi, the CMC (Centre Médical de la Communauté) has more than 20 years of experience in patient care. Our strengths: the quality of care, state-of-the-art equipment, modern infrastructures and procedures in line with international standards.

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The CMC is a member of Groupe Forrest International.

4 Av. Nyanza Q. industriel, Lubumbashi.
+243 997 030 789 / +243 840 890 997

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Medical Emergency ?

In case of medical emergency, please call :

+243 840 89 0999 | +243 999 99 9112